Through our environmental program, we seek to address our customer’s concerns regarding the environment and the global loss of tropical rainforests. In close cooperation with our timber suppliers, we are actively involved in reforestation programs designed to regenerate forests in wasteland areas. It is our company’s goal to be a positive influence in the restoration and assist in the objective of achieving ecological balance.

Lyprodan believes that it is only by supporting a commercially responsible timber trade that the world's forests can be protected. By placing an economic value on our forests, we create an incentive for continuous replanting, and the clearing of forests or plantations for agricultural or industrial purposes can be avoided. It is Lyprodan’s policy to acquire timber only from responsible sources, and that all timber used in the production of our furniture comes from responsible forests or plantations.

Therefore, our criteria for selecting suppliers demands that they are members of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), License code: FSC-C017308 or other approved international tropical timber associations. This is Lyprodan’s guarantee that our wood comes from well-managed and responsible forests.
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